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I'll do everything

Pretty much anything
Which includes but not limited to:
  • Everything SFW
  • Vanilla NSFW
  • BDSM
  • Loli
  • Scat
  • Vore
  • etc.
Of course i feel more comfortable drawing some of them than other, that'll reflect in the price.


Flat color
Half body: 35$
Knees-up: 45$
Full body: 60$
Additional char: max 2
Cel-shading style
Half body: 50$
Knees-up: 65$
Full-body: 85$
Additional characters: max 2
CG coloring style
Half body: 65$
Knees-up: 85$
Full-body: 110$
Additional characters: max 2


Black & white
Flat colored
Same size as colored (bigger than b&w), no shading


bonus if there's 8+ characters appear in the page

5$ additional for NSFW.

10$ more for private commission (as in I will not post it on any social media, I may still post it on my site).

Simple or no background as default

25$ for background, if there's a lot of tentacles or such involved it'll be counted as background


  1. ---
  2. ---
  3. ---
  4. ---
* means work in progress
Apparently there's some character limit for the commission details i can't get rid of so keep it short, you can give me more details in following mails
There's limit of 5 slots at a time now, i'll accept more as soon as a sketch is done.
Meanwhile you can keep send me note of commission details, i'll reply when i'm ready to do take it, in chronological order.
Black & white sketch
Monochrome shading
Price already includes paypal transaction fee
+5$ if private
Canvas size is fixed (A4)
With a limit of 2 characters, +10$/extra char
The doing everything rule (like regular commission) still applied No comic, pic with text is ok tho
That's pretty much it Thank you for taking the time to look


  1. ---
* means work in progress

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