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Hi everyone, i'm Anoni. I'm making comics(manga style), artworks and such.
Where i came from, the comic industry is still kind of a new thing. Along with the strict censorship and over sensitive curators, that makes it very difficult to publish anything. So i figured the only way for me is the indie way.

I like to come up with stories.
And once an idea is in my head, it's really bugging me. How will the characters behave? How will the story process in details? Until i've drawn it out clearly, those vague ideas will still stuck inside my head and keeps me from sleep at night.
So i'll keep trying to get rid of them.
Even if it takes me months or years just to make one single chapter.
And if the stories i make happen to be of your liking, that will be wonderful.

But your supports even in the slightest will really help, in both mental and physical way. That's one thing i have to admit.
As inadequate as i may be,
It's okay for me to ask for your supports?

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    Thanks for your support !xinfinity

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