New domain

As you can see the site just moved to a new domain.

It’s gonna be doujinshi artworks and commissions full time now.
I’m doing livestream on Pixiv live and Picarto almost everyday so you can go visit to see what’s coming up.
Meanwhile I’ve added some minor features to the site.
Thanks you for all the supports.

  • There’s slight differences in interface between subscription levels, like different navigation menus at the top & bottom, hidden floating button, hidden notification bar… Basically the higher the level the cleaner the interface is.
  • No longer giving out access to Patreon/ Fanbox users, subscribing on site is the only way now.
Quickly reminder of existing features/ benefits for members & logged in users:
  • Bookmarking feature.
  • Gold system. You can earn gold by commenting, voting in polls, adding to bookmark… Which you can use to exchange for stuff in the shop.
  • You can change your avatar, info and see what triggers gold events in your profile page.